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Underwear and Thermal Underwear for hunting 

Underwear is the first layer of clothing. It is in direct contact with the skin and therefore immensely important to a comfortable feeling and good body climate - provided it is the right (thermal) underwear.

The right underwear for a good bod feeling

Particularly when hunting, you can quickly break into a sweat one moment - and have to sit motionless the next moment. First the hunter conquers the strenuous climb up to the pulpit and shortly afterwards he is hardly allowed to move in the pulpit.

Good functional underwear adapts

To be prepared for such demands, you need underwear that optimally regulates the body climate. During the strenuous phase, when you quickly break out in sweat, the underwear should wick away the moisture. During the resting phase, the thermal underwear should keep you warm. Today, functional underwear is made of high-tech fibres that can do just that!

Modern blended fabrics made of polyester and wool (e.g. Merino) have the perfect properties for hunting: the breathable synthetic content ensures that moisture is wicked away to the outside and the skin stays dry. The wool content in turn ensures that the thermal underwear provides excellent warmth. Wool is also naturally antibacterial. This inhibits the formation of unpleasant odours.

What is the onion principle?

The onion principle has also proved its worth in hunting when it comes to the best possible composition of hunting clothing . 

  1. The bottom layer of clothing should be a functional thermal underwear. This is the only way to ensure that moisture is optimally wicked away and at the same time a cushion of warmth can be built up thanks to the wool content.
  2. A pure synthetic fabric such as fleece is suitable as a second layer . This also wicks moisture away from the body.
  3. Above this, depending on the weather and temperature, wear a hunting pullover made of wool or a hunting jacket. This way you are ideally dressed for hunting and can always take off a layer if you overheat.
Thermal underwear: Long or short?

Depending on the season, you can choose between short-sleeved or long-sleeved vests .

Thermal or functional underwear is not only right for winter. It also makes sense in summer. Short-sleeved functional vests are particularly useful in summer because they wick away sweat.

you can wear the so-called boxer briefs or long pants on the bottom. Long thermal pants for men usually have a practical reach-through. Especially in winter, we from the Pirscher Shop Team would not want to do without thelong johns ( ).