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Rifle sling and rifle belts for hunting

Gun accessories and hunting equipment always include the right rifle sling

At Pirscher Shop you will find a wide range of different rifle straps to suit your hunting needs and your weapon. 

A good rifle sling is characterised by a comfortable feel, a robust finish and a visually appealing appearance.

A good rifle sling can do more 

A rifle sling not only makes it easier for you to carry your rifle while hunting. It can also serve as a support for the weapon on the pulpit parapet and thus protect your weapon from scratches. Furthermore, a soft support between the pulpit rail and the rifle promotes precision and reduces the risk of the rifle being knocked up when firing.

Rifle straps from Niggeloh are distinguished by their excellent workmanship and soft neoprene padding. This prevents the rifle sling from constricting the shoulder and makes carrying the hunting rifle very comfortable. In addition, each Niggeloh rifle sling has quick-release buckles for easy removal from the weapon. This makes it easier to put on and take off the sling all the time, especially for shooters who train a lot at shooting ranges.

Rifle sling for special needs

In addition to neopreneleather is also a suitable material for rifle straps. A rifle strap made of leather is stylish and adds a special shine to any rifle. A rifle strap for hunting must also be non-slip and quiet.

The shape of the rifle strap is also important. It predestines the rifle strap for certain types of hunting.

Backpack rifle straps distribute the load of the rifle on both shoulders. They are particularly popular with stalking hunters or dog handlers who cover long distances while hunting and attach great importance to carrying the rifle comfortably without slipping.

With the clip fasteners on both sides of the strap, the rifle can be quickly removed from the back and you are ready to shoot just as quickly as with a normal rifle belt. Equipped with a muzzle protector, the rifle can also be safely guided through thickets and undergrowth and you still have it immediately at hand when you need it.

Do you have questions about a specific rifle sling or are you missing a certain model in our shop? Then please feel free to contact us.

We will be happy to advise you.