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Garmin dog tracking: because your hunting dog is valuable!

Finding the right tracking device for your hunting dog is easy - if you know what to look for. We have summarised the most important information for you.

Why is dog tracking important?

A GPS dog tracking system makes sense for every hunting dog owner. Roads, cars and passers-by are sources of danger for your hunting dog. The dog runs into the street and may not be recognised in time by car drivers. He is picked up by passers-by who think he is a runaway. Or he gets lost and can't find his way back.

When using hunting dogs in social hunts, the dangers posed by defenceless game should not be underestimated. In all these situations, a tracking device helps you to find your dog again and bring him home safely.

How does dog tracking work?

In simple terms, dog tracking works by means of a transmitter and a receiver: The collar, also called the "dog device", is the transmitter that sends the dog's location data to the handheld device (= the receiver). 

Modern dog tracking systems work dual, which means that the functional collar can also receive data, for example a light pulse. 

Why dog tracking from Garmin?

Garmin stands for robust and durable products and excellent service.

In contrast to many providers such as Tracker, Dogtra or Tractive, Garmin dog tracking devices work via GPS and independently of mobile phone networks.  This means thattracking with a Garmin device works reliably even in the deepest thicket without mobile phone reception.

Since you don't need an extra SIM card for this, there are no additional expenses for mobile phone use. In addition, there are no hidden costs due to necessary subscriptions.


Which dog tracking device suits me?

Garmin's current product range includes the Alpha 10K, Atemos 50, Atemos 100 and the Alpha 200iK (as of October 2021). Other versions are no longer produced by the manufacturer. This is important and should be noted if you need spare parts.

  • The Garmin Alpha 10K is the most compact of all devices and has all essential functions. It is particularly impressive because of its extra-long operating time
  • The Garmin Atemos 50 is suitable for fans of button operation. The dual system of battery or rechargeable battery operation is also worth mentioning.
  • The Garmin Atemos 100 offers a different form of operability with a larger screen and touchscreen. It also allows you to send a signal to the dog: Vibration or sound signals can be programmed on three training buttons .
  • The Garmin Alpha 200i K impresses with its compatibility with WLAN and the new inReach function (send emergency call, SMS and location). An even larger touchscreen and the modern design distinguish it from the Atemos models.


Common features of all Garmin dog tracking devices

All currently available Garmin tracking devices (Alpha 10K, Atemos 50, Atemos 100 and Alpha 200iK) are reliable companions for hunting. Despite some different functions as well as different designs, they all have the same important basic functions. These are:

  • Range up to 10 kilometres (depending on topographical conditions)
  • Tracking of up to 20 dogs on one handheld unit
  • Licence-free frequency throughout Europe, no registration with the Federal Network Agency necessary
  • Battery life of handheld units up to 20 hours (exception: Alpha 10K up to 40 hours)
  • Geofence and radius alarm: you can mark out zones and receive a notification when the dog enters them. Useful for roads in the immediate vicinity or when crossing territorial boundaries.
  • Waterproof according to IPX7: IP stands for International Protection Code. "7" means that the device is waterproof and can withstand heavy rainfall without any problems
  • Barometric altimeter: Altitude metres travelled are measured using air pressure. Interesting especially in mountainous terrain to assess the dog's activity.
  • Intervals for data transmission selectable between every 5,10,30 or 120 seconds
  • Connectivity of the handsets: The handsets can be connected to each other. This provides additional security during social hunts .

The Garmin K5 collar - a dog device for all occasions

The Garmin K5 collar is the perfect companion to the Garmin handheld devices.

  • Compatible with all handheld devices
  • Running time up to 40 hours
  • Waterproof up to 10 metres (1ATM)
  • LED for better visibility in low light: different modes can be set, e.g. flashing continuously or flashing at short intervals.
  • highly sensitive GPS and GLONASS receivers: position transmission even in water or under construction.
  • Rescue mode: longer battery life due to reduced data transmission


Garmin device comparison: How do the Garmin dog tracking devices differ?

In terms of basic features, all Garmin dog tracking devices are identical.

The dog tracking devices differ in design, in the range of functions and in the way they are operated. This means that there is a suitable device for everyone. It all depends on your individual preferences and needs as a dog handler.

The Garmin Alpha 10K dog tracking device - Functional lightweight with extra-long operating time

The Alpha 10K is the latest Garmin dog tracking device. Weighing only 160 grams, it is the lightest handheld from Garmin with the longest operating time: up to 40 hours of battery life.

It is operated by means of two buttons and a multifunction knob. The monochrome display provides excellent visibility even in sunlight. The Alpha 10K does not need a map as it shows the direction and distance like a compass. Connected to a smartphone, it can also be used with the Garmin Explore APP map.


The Garmin Atemos 50 dog tracker - Intuitive button operation and dual power supply system

Garmin Atemos 50The Atemos 50 offers intuitive button operation. In bright orange, it iseasy to find even if you might lose it . Weighing only 239 grams, it is the second lightest handheld device from Garmin.

A European recreational map is pre-installed. Other maps can be installed via an SD card or added at any time via the Garmin website.

A special feature is the dual system: The Atemos 50 handheld device can be operated with AA batteries as well as with a rechargeable battery pack.

The Garmin Atemos 100 dog tracking device - tracking and training in one

Garmin Atemos 100The Atemos 100 is the successor to the Atemos 50. With a touchscreen and 3 inch screen it offers a larger screen and alternative usability to its predecessor.

As with the Atemos 50, a leisure map is preinstalled, but other maps such as the TOPO Germany V9 variant (see example below) or the BirdsEye maps can be installed later if desired. You can find a comparison of the Garmin maps below.

The training buttons on the upper edge can be used to control functions on the collar such as vibration or sound. The outer rim surrounding the display is raised. So it protects the display from scratching and other damage during active hunting use  

The Garmin Alpha 200i K dog tracking device - innovative and reliable all-rounder, even in emergency situations

Garmin Alpha 200iKThe Alpha 200i K is available since mid-2020. With its 3.5 inch touch screen it offers a large control panel. It also has individually adjustable training buttons. What's new is that these buttons can be assigned not only with training functions, but also with any other desired function. For example, you can store the waypoint marker or the compass display on these buttons via quick selection command.

Also new is the timer function. This can be used to stop the time during training, for example on the sweat track or during tracking exercises.

A high-resolution TopoActive map is included. This is almost as detailed as the paid supplement (TOPO Germany V9). The BirdsEye map can be downloaded free of charge via WLAN.

The so-called inReach function is new. This works similar to a satellite phone: you can send messages to a mobile phone number or email address at any time. It is also possible to make anemergency call to . To use the inReach function, an additional subscription is required, which can be taken out at a later date. The cheapest version is 14.99 euros per month.


Map overview: Which Garmin map is the best?

There are different map variants for all Garmin dog tracking devices. Which map is needed depends on individual preference.

For many, the BirdsEye variant with satellite images is the best choice. Here, the surroundings and nature of the areas are easiest to recognise.

In the illustration you can see the differences between the individual map variants:

Garmin Karten Vergleich
Garmin maps in comparison


The map Garmin TOPO Germany V9 Pro (fourth illustration) can be ordered in a bundle or separately.

The BirdsEye Satellite Imagery map variant is available free of charge for the Atemos devices in the first year, thereafter for 24 euros annually. For Alpha 200iK users the fees are waived, the map can be downloaded to the device via WLAN.

FAQs about Garmin dog tracking devices

With which devices is the K5 collar compatible?

The K5 collar is compatible with Garmin Atemos 50, Atemos 100 and Alpha 200iK handheld devices.

Why can't I connect my old T Series collar to the Atemos or Alpha 200i K handheld devices?

The dog devices from the T series run on a different frequency than those from the K series. Therefore, it is not possible to connect the dog devices with the new hand-held devices.

What is included in a bundle (handset and collar)?

A bundle includes the handset, K5 tracking collar, 2.5 cm wide collar, belt clip, handset antenna, standard K5 antenna (47.5 cm), AC adapter, K5 charging cable, car charging cable, USB cable, quick start guide

Is registration with the Federal Network Agency still necessary?

No, registration with the Federal Network Agency is not required for the devices currently on offer. In contrast to the predecessor models of the Alpha and Astro series, you save the registration costs of about 130 Euros as well as the annual fee of 15 Euros per device.

Are the Garmin tracking devices waterproof?

Yes, the Garmin handheld devices are waterproof according to IPX7. The Garmin dog devices are waterproof up to 1 ATM.

What does the battery life depend on for Garmin dog tracking devices?

Depending on the transmission intervals, the runtime of the Garmin battery varies. If the interval is short, the battery will last much longer. A good solution may be to carry a spare battery.

Can the touchscreen also be operated with gloves?

Yes, the touchscreen can be operated even with thick gloves

Is it worth buying a used Garmin dog tracking device?

There are basic things to consider when buying used Garmin devices: Make sure they are compatible with the mains frequency and any dog devices you already have. Foreign handheld or dog devices are not always compatible with the correct frequency. Used devices often have technical faults or wear marks that affect usability, possible with used Garmin dog tracking devices. Consider the possibility that the devices are used in active hunting and something can always break. In addition, you will receive comprehensive advice and assistance if you have any queries.


Do you have further questions? Contact us, we will be happy to advise you on the selection of a suitable device.