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Game recovery & processing

Game recovery and processing: Useful helpers for the hunting ground

"The real work begins after the shot" - says a proverb in hunter circles and means the recovery, care and processing of the shot game.

We can't do this work for you, but we can make it as easy as possible with useful hunting equipment :

  • Breaking aids and Breaking knives for a quick and clean supply of the game
  • Game retrieval aids facilitate the removal of game
  • Horn saws and Horn boards to present your trophies attractively

Break open your trophies skilfully and quickly - these accessories make your red work easier

When breaking open and taking care of the game, it is important to work quickly and cleanly. Bacteria and germs from the game's gastrointestinal tract can settle in the body cavity just half an hour after killing the game.

It is therefore important to take care of the piece as quickly as possible without damaging the woad sack or the small flank.

With a ripper knife the body cavity can be opened safely by the blunted mesentery blade. Prising saws such as the Puma TEC bone saw also make it easier to open the lock and chamber. With a Waidlochauslöser, such as the Ringelhilfe Butt Out 2 a piece can be ringed very easily and the clubs remain safely clean.

Game retrieval in difficult terrain - Making it easier

A shot piece of game may come to rest in a place far from the next path. Pulling it by the barrels to the vehicle is not only particularly strenuous, but also puts a lot of strain on the back due to the bent posture.

Game recovery aids such as the Allen recovery aid or the gamerecoverygloves make this work much easier for you and are easy on your back.

Souvenirs of special hunts - accessories for trophy handling

To set up your trophies in an attractive and simple way, you can use the classic trophyboards made of oak or trophyboards made of pine. For easy processing, it is best to use a cutting device incl. hornsaw, with which your trophy can be very easily cut to a desired size.

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