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Tools for Game Processing

After a successful hunting day, the real work begins, as the harvested game needs to be handled and processed.

Every hunter knows that when field dressing, one must work carefully to avoid damaging the game meat and internal organs. Additionally, the work must be done promptly, as bacteria and microbes from the game's gastrointestinal tract can quickly colonize the meat.

Having the right tools for game processing can make the job much easier and more efficient.

Opening the abdominal cavity often poses the first obstacle.

One must work very carefully to avoid organ damage, but some force is still required to cut through the sternum. It's not easy to work carefully yet forcefully. That's where practical gutting saws with a blunt tip come in handy. Thanks to the blunt tip, there's no need to worry about damaging internal organs, and the saw makes cutting through the sternum a breeze.

Another challenge during field dressing is opening the pelvic bone.

However, with a pelvic bone breaker, this task becomes effortless. These pliers allow you to easily cut through the pelvic seam or ribs, saving your knife from unnecessary dulling.

When it comes to butchering, one problem, especially with wild boars, is that bones can be too large and thick. That's where bone saws come in handy, allowing you to prepare the game meat for the kitchen without difficulty.

And for your own protection, there are cut-resistant gloves. With these gloves, you can work without fear of accidentally cutting yourself, ensuring unhindered progress.