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Insect and tick protection for hunting: Everything for carefree hunting experiences

We as hunters notice the end of the cold season above all in this: the mosquito flock in the home hunting ground becomes active again and the hunting dog brings the first ticks with him.

To protect against large and small pests, there are various ways to protect against insects while hunting.

Hunting and tick protection - many ways lead to the goal

Insect protection from Thermacell is particularly popular. A mosquito repellent active ingredient is vaporised by the device and forms a protection zone of up to 20 m² around the user. The active ingredient is odourless and can therefore be ideally used when hunting.

Sprays and lotions, for example by Hagopur or Ballistol, are applied either to clothing or directly to the skin. This alternative is also suitable for the hunting dog. These sprays and lotions protect against both ticks and mosquito bites.

Insect and tick repellent clothing

Special clothing also protects effectively. Insect protection nets or a protective suit as an overcoat can be worn over hunting clothing and prevent insects from entering under the net.

Many manufacturers of hunting clothing have addressed the issue of insect protection while hunting and have developed special clothing lines with integrated insect protection .

  • The Hart Komar series protects against mosquito bites and harmful UV radiation.
  • Härkila offers effective protection against mosquitoes, ticks and flies with the HärkilaHerlet Tech and Härkila Trail series.
  • Insect Stop from the Pinewood Namibia Travel collection keeps mosquitoes away.


Our conclusion: insect and tick protection on the hunt gives hunters carefree and relaxed hunting experiences.

We will be happy to advise you on the choice of suitable tick protection.