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Camouflage trousers - How to complete your camouflage outfit

They are often unjustly forgotten: But the camouflage trousers belong just like the camouflage jackets to the matching camouflage clothing firmly to hunting.

Many hunters do not think about the fact that their legs are constantly in motion, especially during more active types of hunting such as stalking. Game can perceive movements and thus the hunter as a danger much more quickly if he stands out clearly from his surroundings. And this is what happens if he is dressed incorrectly. It is important to blur the hunter's contours and keep the contrast of his body to his surroundings as low as possible.

Well camouflaged legs are much less noticeable when moving than in darker trousers against a light background.

Which camouflage trousers for your needs?

Which camouflage trousers you ultimately choose depends entirely on your needs and the conditions of the environment in which you intend to hunt.

  • Lightweight trousers such as the Sika Gear Mountain Trousers or the Härkila Q-Fleece Trousers Optifade are ideal for active hunting in the summer months and warmer temperatures.
  • Lined and water-repellent trousers such as the Seeland Polar bib trousers keep you warm and dry even in adverse weather conditions.
  • As well as "totally" blending in with your surroundings, it can also be important not to be seen by the game, but to be veryvisible to your fellow hunters . For example, during driven hunts, wheresignal-coloured clothing is important.  This is where trousers like the Pinewood Retriever hunting trousers or the Härkila Moose Hunter trousers come into their own.

Which camouflage pattern is right for my camouflage trousers?

If you want to buy camouflage trousers, the question of the right camouflage pattern naturally arises. Generally speaking, the pattern of the camouflage trousers  mustmatch the environment in which you want to wear them.

Lighter camouflage patterns such as MAX-4, MAX-5 or the Sitka Gear Mountain Trousers - Subalpine are ideal for camouflage in harvestable grain fields, at reeds or in dry grass.

Darker patterns such as OptifadeRealtree Xtra or Break-Up Infinity make you disappear in darker forests or bushes .

You can read about the purposes for which each camouflage pattern was developed and in which environments it camouflages you best in our Camouflage Patterns and Camo Guide. There you will find detailed descriptions of the individual camouflage patterns.

If you have any further questions about the perfect camouflage trousers for your circumstances, please do not hesitate to contact us.