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Rifle camouflage with camouflage tape and camouflage material

Modern hunting methods for flying game, such as hunting ravens but also geese, demand a high degree of care. Especially camouflage and thus the choice of the right camouflage clothing and hunting equipment are crucial for long-term success. 

The self-loading shotgun in camo look is now common for these types of hunting. However, not everyone has the opportunity to have access to such a shotgun.

The right camouflage for your rifle

There are many ways to give your "normal" rifle a camo look as well.

When camouflaging your rifle, your focus should be especially on the stock of the rifle and, if applicable, the scope . After all, these parts of the rifle offer the greatest surface area and are therefore the first to catch the eye. But a shiny barrel has also betrayed many a hunter. 

With camouflage material such as a rifle sock or adhesive tape in camouflage colour this can easily be avoided.


Camouflage for the rifle is useful in many types of hunting

Rifle camouflage can also make the difference between success and failure in other types of active hunting. With the  roe buck hunt or also the stalk you as a hunter often find yourself in situations where you have to quickly bring the rifle to bear. 

If you avoid telltale contrasts with the surroundings by camouflaging your rifle correctly, you will be much less easily recognised by the game and have more time to approach safely and fire your shot.

Rifle camouflage also offers protection

Another great advantage of rifle camouflage is that it protects your rifle from marks and scratches. Every hunter knows how quickly you can bump your rifle or scope against a pulpit or tree. 

With a Beartooth Camo Kit you can protect the sensitive stock well. Your target optics can also be ideallycamouflaged and protected at the same time with  camouflagetape or the Scope Mitt. The soft neoprene of the cover absorbs and cushions light impacts.

In our range you will find a large selection of camouflage patterns such as Realtree and Mossy Oak for your weapon. 

If you have any questions about a particular product or do not know which model is right for your weapon, please feel free to contact us. 
We will advise you in detail.