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Well equipped for cold days with the right winter hunting clothing

In the winter, hunting clothing must primarily do one thing: keep the hunter warm and dry.
But what other criteria must warming winter clothing for hunting fulfil?

In the following lines you will find an overview of the various items of winter clothing and their purposes.

What should you consider when choosing your winter hunting clothing?

The following questions will help you make the right decision when choosing clothing for hunting in winter temperatures:

  1. For which types of hunting should the winter clothing be suitable? Will I be using it for a winter hunt, a driven hunt or a snow hunt? This is because the type of hunting will later determine which properties, for example, the winter hunting jacket or winter hunting trousers must have.
  2. Which weather conditions must the hunting jacket or the hunting trousers withstand? Am I standing in cold continuous rain on a driven hunt? Am I trudging through deep snow? Or am I sitting under cover in a sheltered pulpit?
  3. Which visual requirements should the winter hunting clothing fulfil? Do I need warning colours for social hunting? Do I need a camouflage pattern in snow camouflage look for stalking in the winter landscape? Or would I prefer a shapeless but strongly warming overall for stalking wild boar in the snow?


Hunting clothes in winter: Layering is an advantage

When you go hunting in winter, it is important to stay dry not only on the outside, but also on the inside. This is the only way to protect yourself from icy winter temperatures for a long time. 

The best protection against the cold is achieved by dressing in several layers. This is because the combination of several layers creates air pockets that have an insulating effect and keep you from getting chilled.

Another advantage of the layering principle is that you won't sweat as quickly, because if things get a bit more strenuous, you can simply take off one layer.

The most important clothing layers for winter hunting clothing 

By combining several layers of clothing in the right way, you will not only achieve a higher level of warmth. With the right winter hunting clothing, you can also optimise the transport of moisture away from the skin, so that perspiration does not cool your body down.

However, this only works if you choose the layers and materials in the right order:

  • Base-layer: Underwear or thermal underwear. It should be made of functional and breathable material (no cotton!). This keeps the body warm and dry. Woolpower's merino wool underwear is ideal for this. 
  • Mid-layer: Warm intermediate layer or layers.  A warm hunting pullover made of wool or a fleece jacket made of polyester is suitable here. Depending on how icy the temperatures are, you can also choose two or three mid-layers. The mid-layer provides the necessary air cushion between the outer layer and the functional underwear and is mainly responsible for insulation.
  • Shell layer: The outer jacket. The outermost layer protects against wind and weather. Winter jackets and winter trousers are often windproof and waterproof (usually through a membrane; however, the clothing is then less quiet). Often an additional warm lining ensures optimal warmth.

Tip:  Make sure you have sufficient freedom of movement. If your hunting clothing constricts you, there will be too little space for air between the layers and the protection against the cold will be poorer.


Garments for winter hunting and their properties

In the following sections you will find out which properties the garments should have especially for hunting in winter.

Hunting jackets for winter

In our range of jackets you will find a wide selection of different winter jackets for hunting. All these jackets offer good insulation from cold temperatures and are warmly lined.

Jackets especially for Driven hunt in wintry temperatures have an orange signal colour and are therefore super visible to all fellow hunters.

Hunting jackets for the winter drive are available, for example, with soft low-noise loden, such as the Carinthia Daunen-Loden Parka.

For stalking in snow or the stalk in a snowy landscape, winter jackets in snow camouflage pattern are ideal. They blend your contours with the landscape and make you invisible to game. A popular model is the  Seeland Polar jacket.

Hunting trousers for snow and cold

Winter hunting trousers have to be able to withstand a lot: Cold, wind, snow and wetness must not reach the body and so these warmly lined trousers are often equipped with a waterproof and windproof membrane. An additional kidney protector or dungarees also protects the sensitive kidney/hip area from the cold.

Hunting jumper & fleece jacket: The midlayer provides the right insulation

Light jackets and hunting jumpers made of cushioning materials such as fleece, down or Primaloft are particularly suitable as midlayers. These materials hold a lot of air and keep you warm. Jackets like the Deerhunter Mufflon ZipIn Thermo Jacket or also the  Seeland Dyna Fleece Jacket are very warm and breathable at the same time.

Scarves, hats and gloves for winter hunting

People lose a lot of body heat through large areas of skin such as the head, hands and neck. It is therefore important to protect these parts of the body from the cold. A warm winter hat to cover your head should not be missing from any wardrobe. Different models and colours can be perfectly combined with the rest of your clothes. 

Among the winter gloves, finger gloves with an additional mitten flap are very popular. A fold-over trigger finger is also helpful.

For particularly cold nights: Thermooveral & Ansitzsack

In extreme sub-zero temperatures, Thermooverals are ideal. The special cut means that very little cold air can penetrate between the layers of clothing and the body is kept perfectly warm. The very warm lining and the 100% wind- and waterproof membranes provide additional protection against wind and weather.

For the "hard cold emergency" during a hunt, there is nothing better than a hunt bag. You can easily slip into it with your hunting clothing and footwear. Reinforcements in stressed areas and a zipped foot section make this item of equipment a durable and practical hunting companion for winter hunting.

Warmth at the touch of a button - heated clothing

The current highlight against freezing is heated clothing. Through heatable thermal fibres, which are integrated into the clothing, the clothing is warmed up at the push of a button and you are kept warm for several hours. In addition to heatable insoles for shoes, there are also heatable waistcoats and heatable underwear.

Buy winter hunting clothing at Pirscher Shop

In our range you will find all the hunting equipment and warm hunting clothing you need for hunting in winter.

If you have any questions or if you are missing a certain product in the shop, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will advise you in detail and find the right product for your needs.