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Deerhunter Rusky: The winter series for cold hunting nights

The Deerhunter Rusky hunting clothing stands for high-quality clothing for extreme cold. Developed for hunting in winter, the Deerhunter Rusky series impresses with highly insulating materials. The newly revised Deerhunter Rusky Silent jacket and trousers impresses with a new ultra silent material. The surface of the jacket is super soft and thus produces hardly any noise. The material is almost silent and so the set is perfect for stalking cautious red or wild boar. 

A 100% windproof and waterproof Deer-Tex membrane make the highlight perfect. The membrane is highly insulating and breathable. So bad weather doesn't stand a chance. Deerhunter also gives a 5-year manufacturer's warranty on the membrane.

Deerhunter Rusky Jacket

The Deerhunter Rusky Jacket is an extremely warm and quiet winter hunting jacket. The jacket is available in a long and short version. The long version goes over the buttocks, making it even warmer and perfect for winter hunting. 

The short version was developed for active hunting. The short cut allows more freedom of movement. This makes the Deerhunter Rusky jacket perfect for stalking in winter.

Deerhunter Rusky Trousers

Just like the jackets, there are two versions of the Rusky trousers. One is the long Deerhunter Rusky dungarees and the normal hunting trousers. The dungarees are perfect for sitting in. Especially when sitting, the cold often moves upwards from below along the back. By wearing dungarees, the entire back and the kidney area are protected against the cold. In combination with the long Deerhunter Rusky jacket, you are well prepared for a winter hunt.

The normal Deerhunter Rusky trousers are warmly lined hunting trousers. Ideal for stalking or driven hunts. The normal cut gives you a little more freedom of movement.

Deerhunter Rusky Socks

The Deerhunter Rusky socks help against cold feet. The socks are made of a thick material and store heat very well. The material is also highly breathable.