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MSA Sordin Supreme Pro X Ear Protector Leather

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The MSA Sordin Supreme Pro X hearing protection is 100% water proof. The light weight and high wearing comfort combined with the effective noise cancellation make the Supreme Pro X the ultimate hearing protection for outdoor use.

The Supreme Pro X has special microphone and speaker capsules, making it 100% water proof. This makes the hearing protection perfect for hunting. Even heavy rain or if it should fall into a puddle of water, the hearing protector is not affected.

The Supreme Pro impresses with efficient noise suppression to a maximum of 82 dB(A). The hearing protector only suppresses harmful ambient noises such as a bang. The intelligent digital control distinguishes what is to be filtered. For example, a loud bang or the bang echo in closed rooms such as on a shooting range is filtered. Normal ambient noises such as conversations with other shooters or the impact of bullets can be perceived normally.

In addition, the Supreme hearing protection convinces with a stereo sound quality and also has a 3-fold noise amplification of the ambient noise. Sound noise is digitally suppressed. The memory function saves the last volume setting.

The hearing protector has a leather headband and can be continuously and individually adjusted to the wearer. The ear cups are very comfortable to wear and do not pinch. Due to the light weight of only 310g, the hearing protection is not disturbing at all, even after a longer period of time.

The operating time is 600 hours and if the batteries run out, the wearer is warned by a beep. An automatic shut-off function if the deactivation is forgotten ensures that no battery is wasted. The hearing protector has an AUX input including a 3.5mm connection cable. The hearing protector is splash-proof. Battery 2x AAA. (Batteries not included).
Brand: MSA Sordin
Type: Ear Protector
Colour / Camo: Grün
Weather Protection: water proof
Weight: 310g

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