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AttraTec No.16 Salzdepot Plus - 2kg

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The AttraTec No. 16 Salt Depot Plus is suitable for all cloven-hoofed game species and can be used flexibly as a powder or paste. The salt depot supports the game all year round with valuable minerals and vitamin B12, so it can reducegame damage .

The AttraTec No. 16 Salt Depot Plus is the perfect support to obtain and maintain a healthy game population . As it contains vitamin B12 as well as many high-quality minerals, every hoofed game is supplied with animal protein by the AttraTec No.16 Salt Depot Plus. This can reduce game damage, as wild boars in particular often forages for worms and insects in the field soil to meet its vitamin B12 requirements.

The AttraTec No. 16 Salt Depot Plus can be easily distributed as a coarse-grained material at the feeding plot, here approx. 100 g of salt depot are sufficient for an area of 10 m². Alternatively, 100 g of depot can be mixed with 25 ml of water and then spread as a paste on a tree stump or on dead wood. The application should be repeated every 2-4 weeks.

Note: Before use, always mix AttraTec No. 16 Salzdepot Plus briefly to be able to extract all minerals in equal parts.

Ingredients: 37% sodium (Na), 0.5% potasium (K), 0.8% calcium (Ca), 0.1% magnesium (Mg), 0.1% vitamin B12, 3.0% polysaccharides

Game: all game
Brand: AttraTec
Type: Salt
Material: salt
Weight: 2 Kg

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