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Wildlutscher Special Lick Salt Corn

ArtNo.: 53615


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The Game Lollipop Salt Corn Special Lick is an effective attractant for hoofed game. Long lasting irresistible for roe deer, mouflon, chamois, sika, fallow deer and red deer.

Highlights of the Game Lollipop Special Lick Salt Maize

  • Intense aroma for magical attraction at hoofed game
  • Weeks of use, thanks to solid consistency made of glucose
  • Peace and quiet in the hunting area; permanent care of the feeding plot is not necessary for weeks
  • 3 KG pure nature
  • Heat-treated and therefore particularly safe
The Wildlutscher Salt Corn Special Lick is an optimal attractant for hoofed game. Thanks to the carrier material glucose, the Wildlutscher with natural minerals and vitamins is particularly firm and lasts for weeks. Hoofed game the intensive aroma attracts and binds deer, mouflon, chamois, fallow deer and red de er even from a distance .

Due to the weight of 3 kg and the high degree of hardness, the game lollipop acts as an irresistible attraction for hoofed game for weeks. Without the permanent care of the feeding plot, peace returns to the hunting ground and the game lulls itself into safety.

The heat treatment also ensures a safe attractant, which can make a lasting contribution to hunting success. For optimal use, the lick should be protected from rain by placing a board over the lure.

The lick can be attached to a tree using a 180 screw and M20 washer. Alternatively, the game lure can be hung on a branch with a rope or offered on a tree stump. However, the longest and most successful effect is achieved by attaching it to a pole with a roof. For this purpose, a fastening set forlickstones (Art. No. 53617), as well as a fastening set for tree attachment (Art. No. 53618) are available in our online shop.

The perfect height at which the stone should be offered is 0.80 -1.20 m for wild boars and 1.20 m for roe deer. As attractant for fallow deer a height of 1.20 -1.40m should be kept and for red deer, 1.20 to 1.60m.

Ingredients: Glucose, maize, salt
Analytical constituents: Crude protein 3.88%, crude fat: 1.44%, crude fibre 0.4%, crude ash: 0.769%, calcium 0.025%, sodium 6.4%, phosphorus 0.135%, magnesium 0.048%, dry matter: 95.13%

Note: When using attractants, the respective legal regulations of the country must be observed.
Game: all game
Measurements: ca. 16 x 16 x 10,8 cm
Brand: Wildlutscher
Type: Lick
Material: salt, corn
Weight: 3 Kg

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