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Niggeloh Biothane Tracking Lead

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The Biothane blood trailing lead Track from Niggeloh was developed by and for blood trailing-professionals. The dog handler of the blood trailing station in the southern Black Forest provided advice and support during the development of the strap. The result is a blood trailing lead that has been thought out down to the smallest detail to make the strenuous blood trailing as easy as possible for dog handler and dog.

The strap is made of extremely robust and durable Biothane, which is light and does not absorb moisture or odours and is also very durable. To make it as easy as possible for the dog handler during strenuous blood trailing in poor visibility conditions, the strap has been divided by colour and thickness. Especially at blood trailing you have to be able to rely on your senses, and you should be able to tell which piece of line you are holding just by feeling it.

The first 1.5 metres are made of thicker blue Biothane, which prevents the strap from getting tangled in the dog's legs. The main part of the strap is orange and slightly thinner which makes it flexible. The end piece with the last two metres of the sweatband is thicker and bright yellow. In this way, dog handler immediately sees and feels that it is approaching the end of the line.

The buckle for attaching the sweatband to the blood trailing collar is extra reinforced and has a sturdy and flat thorn buckle. The blood trailing lead is 12m long and 19mm wide and therefore fits comfortably in the hand.

Good for: Schweißarbeit
Measurements: 12m
Brand: Niggeloh
Type: Leash

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