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Practical & highly functional: The ideal hunting clothing in summer

Light, airy, breathable and moisture-wicking. These are the characteristics that make up good summer hunting clothing. Whether for stalking, hunting ground work, raised hide or leisure - we have put together the best tips for hunting during the warm summer months. 


The right summer hunting clothing for every hunting occasion 

Different types of hunting place different demands on hunting clothing. Therefore, before each hunting day, you should think about which features are absolutely necessary and where you can compromise. 

In summer, hunters have to cope with temperature fluctuations between day and night. Especially then, functional hunting clothing is an advantage. With us you will find absolutely high-quality and functional clothing for the warm season.


Summer evening stalk: Waiting for the dream buck 

During the day, the focus should be on breathable, quick-drying and lightweight hunting clothing. Light, robust hunting trousers combined with a cotton or functional T-shirt are ideal. If even long summer hunting trousers are too warm for you, you can also opt for short hunting shorts. Quick-drying material has the practical advantage that an evaporation effect occurs during drying, which has a cooling effect on the skin.

In addition, you should always pack a thin fleece jacket or a hunting waistcoat. If the temperature drops at night, you can put it on over your thin T-shirt and don't have to stop your hunt just because you are shivering. 


Suitable hunting clothing for stalking in summer 

The most important thing when stalking is that your hunting clothes are as quiet as possible. In order to get close to the game, the right camouflage is also crucial for success. In addition, breathability should be a priority. The fact that the material is moisture-wicking is also an advantage for a higher degree of movement. 


Summer hunting clothing for field work 

Hunting can sometimes be quite a sweaty affair. It is therefore important to wear breathable and moisture-wicking clothing. They should also be somewhat sturdier and more robust in order to withstand the stresses and strains of the work. 


Also suitable for leisure time: Summer hunting clothing for all occasions 

Hunting clothing is highly functional. This means that normal situations in everyday life are no problem. Whether it's sports or a cosy dinner outdoors, summer hunting clothing is up to the task. Stylish but still with a hunting touch.