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Optics are expensive - that's why you should protect them

Rifle scopes, binoculars, night vision, and thermal imaging devices - all of these are costly and should therefore last as long as possible.

However, everyone knows that moment: it's winter, you're bundled up in layers, and the rifle is slung over your shoulder. On the way to the hunting blind, the gun gets caught on a small spruce tree, and there goes the first scratch on the scope. Some snow has also landed on the lens, and when you wipe it off, the lens gets smeared. Due to the thick winter clothing, movement becomes more difficult, and while mounting the narrow hunting blind, the rifle slips to the side, with the scope hitting the railing.

Over time, this takes a toll on the optics.

Neoprene Scope Protection

However, with the right accessories, these problems can be avoided.

To protect the scope optimally, there are neoprene scope covers. These can reliably protect the expensive optics from impacts and scratches. They also guard against moisture, so even a light rain during driven hunts can be easily endured.

Binocular Cases & Binocular Straps

When stalking, both hands are often needed. Then, there's no way to hold the binoculars, and there's no more space for them in the backpack. To make stalking more comfortable and to have your hands free, there are binocular cases or binocular straps.

Binocular cases can be strapped around the upper body and adjusted to fit your chest size. They can easily accommodate a small to medium-sized pair of binoculars, leaving your hands free.

A binocular strap doesn't provide as much protection as a binocular case since the binoculars dangle freely around your neck. However, the shoulder strap offers more flexibility as the binoculars are always within reach and don't need to be taken out of a bag separately.