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Blaser HunTec - Premium hunting clothing with system

With HunTec, Blaser heralds a new era for Blaser hunting clothing. The new hunting clothing line is available in camo as well as in green (solid). The hybrid system is an all-round companion with perfectly coordinated layers, even for adverse weather conditions. With the innovative Blaser HunTec Camo, the series optimises camouflage, especially in alpine terrain.

The HunTec system at a glance

Blaser as a manufacturer of high quality hunting equipment and clothing looks back on a long history of successful work. With the HunTec series, the first hunting line specifically for mountain hunting has now arrived in the Blaser range. The individual components of the HunTec system, put together as sets depending on the weather conditions, are the ideal equipment basis for mountain hunting.

Hunting clothing for all weather conditions

The different lines of the HunTec System Operator, Tranquility, Supervisor, Venture and Observer cover all weather situations for mountain hunting.

  • With the Operator Light Set, hot temperatures are no longer an obstacle. Combine the Resolution trousers with a base layer and the Operator jacket. This combination offers the best protection against heat and is at the same time maximally breathable.
  • The Tranquility Set is THE choice for summer temperatures and at the same time protects you in light showers or light wind. The set consisting of the Tranquility jacket, a baselayer and the Resolution trousers is thus the ideal choice for late summer weather.
  • For mild days with cool temperatures and light wind, the Operator Set is perfect. The combination of the Operator Light Set is supplemented with a midlayer, such as the HunTec Sweater Drain.
  • With the Supervisor Set, low temperatures, light wind and rain are no longer an obstacle to pleasant hunting success. The Charger trousers in combination with a baselayer, a midlayer and the Supervisor jacket offer the best protection and comfort.
  • In cool temperatures, wind and rain, the Venture set is the best choice. The Venture 3L jacket serves as the outer jacket and is a hardshell hunting jacket that also protects in adverse weather conditions. Underneath, in addition to the mid- and baselayer, there is also an insulation layer provided by the Supervisor jacket. This creates an ideal protection against unpleasant weather. If you wear a combination of the Venture 3L trousers and the Charger trousers as a base layer, rain, wind and cool temperatures can no longer harm you.
  • The Observer Set protects you in extreme cold. Snow, ice and clammy cold don't stand a chance here. This set consists of the Observer jacket, a mid- and baselayer and the Charger trousers.

So the individual elements in combination with each other are the ideal basis for mountain hunting.

As if from one mould - HunTec hunting equipment

The right equipment is also a decisive factor for successful mountain hunting. The HunTec series offers everything a hunter's heart desires, from gloves, caps and baseball caps to backpacks and rifle straps. A stock in exclusive HunTec Camo is also available for the popular Blaser R8 bolt action rifle. Ideal in combination with the HunTec clothing system.

Our conclusion: With the HunTec series, Blaser provides the ideal equipment for mountain hunting. We will be happy to advise you.