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DDOptics - For the full view on the hunt

What would a hunter be without his binoculars? A good view is an important key to hunting success. Whether spotting, observing or responding: The eye is indispensable. At long distances or in poor light, binoculars help to support the eye. DDOptics believes in the "power of sight".

Since 2006, the manufacturer  has been producing binoculars, spotting scopes, rifle scopes and much more. All optics products from DDOptics convince with an excellent price-performance ratio.

DDOptics binoculars - the right binocular for every hunter

Different types of hunting require different distances: When hunting in the mountains, long distances are important, while when stalking, it is often the proximity to the game that counts. DDOptics also knows this and offers the right binoculars for every purpose

Whether stalking or raised hide: DDOptics binoculars for every hunting occasion

  • Fast binoculars with large lenses are ideal for stalking   . A somewhat heavier weight is no problem there.
  • For stalking hunt we recommend binoculars with a smaller lens diameter, for example up to 42 cm: the lower weight is more practical for active hunting.
  • For hunting sows and foxes it makes sense to use fast binoculars with a large objective lens diameter (from 56 cm).

DDOptics binoculars at a glance

The different series from DDoptics offer the right binoculars for every hunting situation

the Pirschler series from DDoptics

Thanks to their sophisticated ergonomic design, the binoculars of the Pirschler series are particularly comfortable to hold. Also available as Pirschler special edition in brown with loden strap, the DDOptics Pirschler binoculars are the ideal all-rounders.

The Night Hawk series from DDoptics

The binoculars of the Nachtfalke series are extremely light and handy binoculars with an enormous power. Ideally suited for hunting in low light conditions

The Kolibri Series from DDoptics

the binoculars of the Kolibri series are small powerhouses. Space-saving, easy to use and universally applicable with true-colour and high-contrast images


Are you looking for the right binoculars for hunting? We will be happy to advise you.