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The best gifts for hunters - a guidebook

Finding the right gift for a hunter is much easier with the right advice. Whether for Christmas, a birthday, an anniversary or as a present:
This gift guide will lead you quickly and easily to the right gift for the lucky hunter. 

Good advice - and choosing gifts becomes child's play

"Good advice is expensive" goes the saying. We think so: It doesn't have to be. 
It only gets expensive when you make a mistake and the gift ends up in a drawer.

To make sure this doesn't happen, we at Pirscher Shop place the highest value on customer-oriented advice. If you are still unsure after reading this gift guide, just give us a call. We will assist you with all our hunting experience and find the perfect gift.

How do you choose the right gift for a hunter?

Every hunter has different requirements for their hunting equipment and hunting clothing. The following questions will help you type "your" hunter (or huntress) and narrow down the choice of suitable gifts.

A true universal gift that suits every hunter is, of course, the classic Gift voucher.

If you would like a more individual gift, the following questions will help you. Because hunting is extremely versatile and the demands of hunters also differ.

Ask yourself...

  1. What and how does the presentee prefer to hunt? Mountain hunting with long walks? Crow hunting from a camouflage parachute? Driven hunt in autumn with many fellow hunters? Stalking roe deer in May and summer? Hunting wild boar at the Kirrung at night? Is the presentee a dog handler? What breed of dog does he/she have?
  2. For what occasion are you giving a gift? A birthday present or a Christmas present should have a different scope than, for example, a present for a hunting invitation. Is the gift for women or men?
  3. How expensive should the gift be? The occasion is often accompanied by the budget one wants to spend.
  4. Which brands does the lucky person prefer? Does he/she have certain preferences that he/she also buys for him/herself? For example, does he/she often wear clothes from Härkila, Deerhunter or Fjällräven?
  5. Are there any special hunting highlights in the near future? Is there perhaps a hunting trip coming up or a move to a new hunting ground?
  6. What does he/she already have? Often not so easy to answer, but find out if the person already has the gift you have chosen.
  7. Practical or beautiful? Should it be something for practical use or a nice souvenir that is only brought out on special occasions?


Hunters tick differently - What makes a good gift?

Hunters tick differently, you will certainly have noticed that. Hunters are out and about where no one else is. Roaming through the forest at night or sometimes in totally impenetrable terrain: only hunters do that.

The amount of equipment is huge. Different clothes and hunting equipment are used for each type of hunting, and they are often stretched to the limit.
As you can see: Gifts for hunters have to be one thing above all - practical.

In addition, quality is a top priority in the hunting sector. Your gift should not be lacking in this respect either. Then the recipient will enjoy it for a long time.

What makes little sense as a gift?

Anything that is very individual and requires a perfect fit is less suitable as a gift.

Shoes, for example, should definitely be tried on first. Hunting jackets and hunting trousers also come in so many different styles, looks and fits that you will rarely make a lucky find with such gifts.


Gift occasions and suitable gift ideas

Different occasions call for different gifts.
In the following section you will find some examples and tips for the right gift for each occasion.


Birthday gifts for hunters

Birthday gifts have to be something special and can often be a little more expensive.

The classic birthday gift is still the voucher. You certainly won't go wrong with a voucher. It leaves the birthday boy or girl free to choose their own hunting gift.

Another popular birthday gift is target sticks or hunting rucksacks. Both are super useful and can be used by every hunter for everyday hunting.


The right Christmas gift

At Christmas, personal, self-selected gifts are in demand.

Noble hunting shirts (for example from the brand manufacturers Härkila or Blaser), hunting jumpers or also T-shirts with hunting motifs are popular Christmas gifts.

A classic with charm are indeed the often demonised socks. For hunters, there are particularly warm and breathable models. High-quality socks made of merino wool, for example, are ideal for hunting.


Wedding gifts for hunters

Wedding gifts for hunters can also include a bit of witty satire.

Game Calls leave plenty of room for interpretation and funny sayings.

Combine your wedding speech with a few wild sounds and the fun is guaranteed ;-).

Of course, game calls can also be used for hunting and every hunter will find a practical use for them.


Small souvenirs for every occasion

A hunting invitation, an invitation to dinner or to a trophy show includes a souvenir for the host.

A small gift, personally selected and with a hunting theme, will make every hunter happy.

Small, noble hunting utensils such as thermos flasks with leather edging, roe buck call or leather belts with fancy buckles are suitable as souvenirs.

Useful small items, such as game recovery aids or break open aids are also popular gifts for such occasions.


Gifts for passing the hunter's exam

Basic hunting equipment is a popular gift for those who have passed their hunting licence.

Hunting knives, Hunting rucksacks, Binoculars  or also Hearing protectors every hunter needs for the first hunts.

Men and women alike are delighted to receive such original and practical gifts.

If there is a dog in the house, dog articles are also suitable, to turn the dog into a real hunting dog.


S-O-S gifts: When you don't know what to give 

SOS= socks  shirt  scarf always go!

The classics among gifts for men can of course also be used for hunters (and also huntresses), because there is always a need for them.

When out and about in thickets and forests, hunting clothes quickly get damaged. Therefore, gifts like these are always suitable and practical.

Camouflage articles are also suitable as SOS gifts: Not every hunter owns tank clothing, and a leaf camouflage suit or a camouflage cap can be used for a wide range of different types of hunting.


Gifts for different types of hunting

If you know exactly what the recipient's hunting preferences or interests are, you can give very individual products as gifts.

Hunting friends or family can certainly give you a hint about the hunter's preferences.

Young hunters are often open to all areas and certainly like to try out the other hunting gift once in a while.

Buy gifts for hunters at Pirscher Shop

At Pirscher Shop you will find a wide range of products that are suitable as gifts for hunters.

In our assortment you will find gifts for every hunter and for every occasion - from useful items to noble hunting gifts. Excellent advice and customer-oriented service are our hallmarks.

Do you have any questions about one of the products in our shop or are you missing something? Or should you not be able to decide on a gift or need further advice, please feel free to contact us.

We look forward to your call.