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Wildboar Pro: The most robust driven hunt series from Härkila

The Härkila Wildboar Pro series presented by hunters for hunters:

In bright orange/red, this series is ideally suited for driven hunts: the signal colour ensures good visibility among fellow hunters. The best prerequisites for a safe hunting day are given here. Thanks to the special Durable Water Repellent treatment (DWR), the Härkila Wildboar Pro products are particularly resistant to water and dirt. 

The product line is also ideal for tracking guides. Thanks to the certified sow protection trousers and the hard-wearing materials, the products from the Härkila Wildboar Pro series are ideal for the active dog handler. 

Whether on a social hunt or on a tracking hunt, with the products from the Härkila Wildboar Pro series you are safe and well equipped. 

The Wildboar Pro series consists of:

  • Härkila Wildboar Pro sow trousers
  • Härkila Wildboar Pro jacket
  • Härkila Wildboar Pro reversible jacket
  • Härkila Wildboar Pro long sleeve shirt
  • Härkila Wildboar Pro Cap
  • Härkila Wildboar Pro Braces
  • Härkila Wildboar Pro Belt
  • Härkila Wildboar Pro Gloves

Hunting and sow protection trousers: Härkila Wildboar Pro 

The Härkila Wildboar Pro trousers are specially designed for hunting wild boar. This is also proven by the certification: the hunting trousers have been tested and certified by two German testing bodies. The German Testing and Certification Body for Agricultural and Forestry Technology (DPLF) as well as the Board of Trustees for Forest Workers and Forestry Technology (KWF) certify the safety of the new Härkila Wildboar Pro hunting trousers. The EC test certificate K-EU 2019/9211 guarantees effective protection against stab wounds from wild boar weapons. This certificate is enclosed with the trousers. The trousers provide protection in important places thanks to the hard-wearing VerriSteel fabric. 

In addition, the hunting trousers are made of wind-, water- and dirt-repellent canvas material. They are therefore particularly robust, even in rough terrain. 

In addition, the hunting trousers have a GORE-TEX membrane. This makes them particularly breathable. The high water column provides reliable protection against rain and moisture. 

Robust hunting jacket: Härkila Wildboar Pro

The Wildboar Pro jacket with its various technologies is ideal for tracking. The ventilation zips, a radio pocket or the windbreak: All features are specially designed for active hunting. 

The Wildboar Pro jacket is also functionally far ahead on driven hunts. The bright signal colour ensures optimal visibility. The hard-wearing material protects you from scratches caused by thorns when walking through and tracking. 

If you have any questions about the size selection or the area of application, we will be happy to help you at any time.