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Knife Sharpener

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The Warthog Classic II knife sharpener is a professional sharpener that sharpens all types of knives quickly, effectively and gently.

This high-quality knife sharpener has a zinc die-cast frame, plastic blade guide (so that the precious knives are not scratched) and metal sharpening units with diamond corundum.

The base is covered with a rubber sleeve to prevent scratches on the work surface. The diamond coating makes it possible to sharpen the knife quickly and gently. It is very quick and yet gentle on the blades, so that you can enjoy your good knives for many years. The knife guide ensures that the grinding angle is always exactly maintained. This makes it possible to create an angle-precise grind and only the angle-precise grind brings the desired sharpness to the knife.

After adjusting the knife guide (depending on the shape of the blade), the two grinding jaws are adjusted so that the crossing point of the moving parts is cut exactly by the knife guide.

The grinding jaws are pressed against the blade with even pressure by a steel spring, so that no grinding or even destruction of the blade is possible. The user only has to hold the blade against the knife guide and pull the knife through the spring-back grinding units. Both sides are sharpened simultaneously and, above all, evenly. Depending on the grinding angle with which the knife has been ground so far, and the steel from which the knife is made, it must be pulled through correspondingly often. Now simply pull the knife downwards along the blade guide several times. Both sides are sharpened at the same time.

The sharpening units are replaceable and are supplied in the standard 325 grit. If the sharpening stones are used up, simply replace them.

There are 3 adjustable sharpening angles to bring the optimum sharpness to the corresponding blade. (20 degrees for pocket knives, 25 degrees for kitchen and hunting knives and 30 degrees for heavy hunting knives)

The back of the diamond sharpening units is used to remove the knives. To do this, simply push the sharpening units out of the holder, then turn them around and snap them back into the previous position. The knife is pulled through a few times to remove it. Honing the knife removes the small burrs on the cutting edge that occur during sharpening and increases the service life of the sharp blade.

This high-quality device is suitable for all hunting and kitchen knives, you will be satisfied, unpack and set up, ready to use immediately. A CD is enclosed with each unit, which shows the use of the unit in detail.

Brand: Warthog Sharpeners
Type: Messerschärfer

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