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SureFire Sonic Defender EP4 Ear Protector

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The SureFire Sonic Defender EP4 is a passive hearing protector that is extremely small but at the same time effectively filters out ambient noise without completely cutting you off from the outside world. The EP4 model is suitable for people with a larger ear canal and, in contrast to the EP3 model, has three instead of two slats.

The patented Hock Noise Braker System attenuates loud noise above 85 dB. Sounds below this level are perceived almost normally. This means that speech intelligibility is almost unrestricted. At the same time, loud bangs are filtered out. Directional hearing is almost completely possible, which is very important when hunting.

The hearing protection has two levels, which are regulated by a plug. When the plug is open, noises above 85 dB are reduced by 19 dB. With the plug closed, noise is reduced by 24 dB.

The ergonomic EarlockTM ensures a firm fit with 7 retention points. The soft and skin-friendly polymer material (anti-allergic and silicone-free) is comfortable to wear and ensures all-day comfort. Three soft lamellae seal the ear canal. The flat design of the EP3 allows the hearing protector to be worn even under a hat or safety helmet. You can also make phone calls with the hearing protectors without any problems. The earplugs can be cleaned under running water. (Weight approx. 2g)

The Sonic Defender EP3 earplugs are available in two sizes. The size refers to the ear tips.

Note: Article is a hygiene article and excluded from return. Due to their design, the earplugs are worn in the inner ear and therefore come into contact with secretions from the earwax glands. For this reason, in-ear headphones are classified as hygiene articles.

Brand: SureFire
Type: Ear Protector

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