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The title "Stalking Champion" was secured by our Pirscher Gear Silence Pro Jacket in the comparative test of the hunting magazine PIRSCH (issue 18/2022): Among the six tested softshell jackets for the transitional season, the Silence Pro jacket convinced as the clear favourite!

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How to develop a test winner

The motto "By hunters for hunters" has been true at Pirscher Shop for over 10 years. And even more so in the development of our own brand Pirscher Gear. You can read about the thoughts that founder Manuel Schramm had when developing the Silence Pro series in the report in the hunting magazine Wilde Hunde.

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Silence Pro: A modern system of silent hunting clothing, specially developed for the demands of stalking.

Each piece is optimised down to the smallest detail for absolute silence and a high level of activity. With noise-absorbing materials, an extra-high Stretch content and streamlined functional elements, the Pirscher Gear Silence Pro system achieves the highest level of stalking suitability.

Maximum performance and comfort at a fair price - that is our goal when developing our clothing systems. With our expertise from over 10 years of experience in the hunting trade and cutting out the middleman, we have achieved it.

A camouflage pattern for use in field, forest and mountain areas that is specially adapted to Central European vegetation.

The OPTIMAX 2S camouflage pattern was developed in cooperation with the Taiwanese camo specialist TECL-WOOD exclusively for Pirscher Gear. The proportion of light elements in the camouflage pattern has been optimised to create ahigh-contrast camoflage   . It ensures that the hunter does not stand out  as a dark spot from the background inlow-light conditions at dusk but that his contours blend into the surroundings. The Optimax 2S camouflage pattern combines macro and micro elements and thusoptimally refracts the hunter's contours both at close and far range.

Frequently asked questions about the Pirscher Gear Silence Pro System

What season is the Silence Pro System suitable for?

The Silence Pro System is extremely breathable, airy and yet warming. This makes it ideal for stalking from spring to late autumn.

Is the Silence Pro System waterproof?

A waterproof membrane has an unavoidable effect on silence. In order to achieve absolute silence, we have chosen not to use a waterproof membrane, because stalking is usually done in moderate weather conditions. For stalking in the rain we recommend the waterproof Pirscher Gear allseason system, which is equipped with a membrane - because in a rainy soundscape the quiet rustling of a membrane does not diminish the stalking success.

How does the Silence Pro system differ from the previous allseason system?

The new Silence Pro System has been specially developed for the demands of stalking, i.e. optimised down to the smallest detail for absolute silence and a high level of activity. To achieve this, we have chosen an even more stretchy and breathable material and, above all, omitted the waterproof membrane. Because a membrane can never be completely silent. Our proven allseason system, on the other hand, is equipped with a wind- & waterproof membrane and is therefore a real all-rounder hunting set for changeable weather and rainy hunting days.

What is the difference between the Tech-Fleece Hoodie and the Ultralight Hoodie-Shirt?

The Ultralight Hoodie shirt is specially designed for hunting in high summer, so it is much thinner and airier than the Tech-Fleece Hoodie. The Tech-Fleece Hoodie has a soft, warming fleece side on the inside. The Ultralight Hoodie shirt is instead made from a smooth material that feels cool against the skin. The two pieces can also be ideally combined by wearing the Ultralight Hoodie shirt as a baselayer (like a functional vest) and putting on the Tech-Fleece as a midlayer over it.