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The Boarbuster System

Developed by hunters for hunters

Pirscher Gear Boarbuster Test Wild und Hund
Pirscher Gear Boarbuster Test Wild und Hund

In a practical test for Germany's largest hunting magazine

For the hunting magazine WILD UND HUND (issue 17/2023), the tracking professional Stefan Mayer from the Southern Black Forest Welding Dog Station exclusively tested the Pirscher Gear Boarbuster System in practice in advance. With around 2,000 completed blood trailing, the dog handler trainer and hunting book author knows what matters when it comes to good equipment. And he is thrilled!

Read the test report (PDF) "


The idea behind the Boarbuster System

The Boarbuster System is designed as a modular blood trailing-set with boar protection-extension according to the modular principle. Until now, sow protection trousers were usually discarded when the outer fabric was torn - even though the expensive impact protection was still fully intact. In the long run, this seemed not only too expensive, but also unsustainable. That is why in the Boarbuster system we separate the spine protection from the boar protection.

The Boarbuster System 

THE novelty on the hunting market in 2023! A modular blood trailing set with KWF-certified boar protection extension based on the modular principle:

1. Feature-rich blood trailing jacket

With innovative GPS chest pocket, pocket slits for marking tape and reflector strips for safety in case of game accidents blood trailing in the dark.

2. Thorn-proof hunting trousers

Lightweight and extremely wear-resistant. Can be extended in no time at all to become a classic pair of wedge trousers.

3. Sow-proof impact protection unit

KWF-certified and can be universally combined with almost any hunting trousers.

Das Boarbuster System von Pirscher Gear

Practical protective clothing with special functional elements for dog handlers

  • Photo 1: Innovative GPS chest pocket for the dog tracking device.
  • Photo 2: The boar protective pants can be quickly and easily pulled underneath.
  • Picture 3: Practical press-stud loops connect the two trousers into one.

Frequently asked questions about the Pirscher Gear Boarbuster System

What does "modular" mean?

Modular means that the Boarbuster Set functions according to the modular principle . The hunter can thus quickly and flexibly adapt his outfit to his current hunting conditions and is thus always optimally equipped.

For small game hunting or blood trailing on roe deer or red de er, the thorn-proof Boarbuster overtrousers are sufficient. When hunting blood trailing for deer wild boars, the sow-proof Boarbuster base layer pants should also be used.

The modular system can be extended as needed. For example, a light overtrousers without membrane is already being planned for the summer, which will be lighter and more breathable.

Why is the boar protection not directly integrated into the tracking trousers?

In the Boarbuster system we deliberately separate the boar protection in the trousers. On the one hand it's about sustainability, on the other hand it's about functionality.

We have often experienced the problem with our customers that they had to buy a very expensive boar protective pants again after just one season because the outer material of their old trousers had a tear and the trousers were no longer water proof. But the expensive boar protection was still intact. From our point of view, that is an absolute waste. That is why we separate the trousers. Should the overtrousers wear out at some point due to thorn wear, it is enough to replace the cheaper overtrousers. The sow-proof base layer pants can thus be worn for many seasons and even combined with other hunting trousers.

Another advantage is the adaptability. By separating the trousers, you can react better to hunting conditions. For example, when hunting blood trailing on ruminant animals hoofed game you can wear only the overtrousers without boar protection. With the blood trailing on wild boars you wear both. Further overpants models for different use scenarios are already being planned.

Is the Boarbuster system waterproof?

The Boarbuster blood trailing jacket is completely water proof and provides effective protection against wetness with a water column of 8,000 mm and waterproof zips.

The Boarbuster tracking trousers are - apart from a small area at the back of the knees - also water proof (water column 10,000 mm). The back of the knees are made of air-permeable Stretch inserts of hard-wearing nylon because of the often high physical strain on drivers and dog handlers. In addition, the waterproof membrane has been left out to increase breathability.

Who is the Boarbuster System suitable for?

The Boarbuster System was developed with experienced dog trackers and is optimised for active dog handlers. The durable materials and thorn-resistant reinforcements make it just as suitable for beater as for beating at social hunts.

Is the Boarbuster boar protection- base layer pants compatible with other brands of trousers?

The Boarbuster boar protection- base layer pants can be universally combined with almost any other hunting trousers. The outer trousers only need to be cut wide enough so that the impact protection unit can be worn comfortably underneath. The smooth fabric surface makes it easy to pull over any outer trousers. Although the practical fixation loops of the Boarbuster boar protection- base layer pants are specially designed for connection with the Boarbuster tracking trousers, they can also be used with normal braces